Discount / Voucher Terms

Guidelines for redeeming vouchers or discount coupons
The following terms and conditions apply to all coupon codes / discount coupons unless otherwise stated:
- Vouchers / discount coupons can only be redeemed via our online store (input field in the shopping cart)
- only one voucher code / discount coupon can be redeemed per order, a combination with other vouchers is not possible
- Vouchers / discount coupons are not paid out
- Vouchers / discount coupons are not credited to shipping costs, except vouchers for free delivery
Vouchers / discount coupons lose their validity with the specified date.
If no expiration date is specified, a limitation period of three years applies.

Minimum order value
The minimum order value in connection with the redemption of a voucher / discount coupon is indicated on the voucher / discount coupon. If the voucher / discount coupon does not contain any information, the amount of the voucher / discount coupon is considered the minimum order value, plus shipping costs. If the minimum order value is subsequently fallen short of due to the return of items, we reserve the right to cancel the voucher / discount coupon.

Return items
When returning items, the discounted purchase price will be refunded. A claim for replacement or refund of the voucher / discount coupon does not exist.