Return / Complaint

Do you want to return a damaged, defective or incorrect item?

Please excuse us if we have sent you a damaged, defective or simply the wrong item.

In order to make your return as easy as possible, we recommend you contact us first.
Please enter the customer or order number in your complaint.
Please send your complaint in writing to the following e-mail: reklamation [ at ] 3d-drucker-filament [ dot ] de
Compliance with this recommendation does not affect your rights in the event of a revocation.

If the item has defects or has been damaged during transport:
In the case of defects, you will receive a replacement of the defective parts.
If possible, please let the Paket exhibitor confirm the transport damage in writing.
Please send us pictures of complaints in the e-mail, which clearly show the damaged places.

If you received the wrong item:
Please inform us in an e-mail and we will send you the correct article as soon as possible.
Just send us the wrong item. We take the costs.


If you wish to exercise your right of revocation

We will return the item within the scope of our general terms and conditions.

Our sample revocation form in PDF format: DOWNLOAD
When returning, please put all parts of the article to the return and send the shipment to the address below.


Return address

Zaper -
Edenkobener Weg 36
12247 Berlin