Adhesion / First layer

Adhesion to the print bed.
This means that the first layer, the "base" of the print, must "stick" to the print bed. Otherwise, the print is doomed to failure. The material and construction of the print bed are very important for good adhesion.

Possible solutions:


1. level the print bed.
Incorrect calibration and thus different distances between nozzle and print bed usually lead to adhesion problems.

2. check the flatness of the print bed
Not only the print bed-nozzle distance is important, but also the flatness of the print bed. Irregularities can have negative effects on adhesion.

3. clean "unclog" the nozzle
In general, it is important that nozzles are clean and free of old material debris. Irregular material flow has a major impact on 3D printing.
HERE (link follows) you will find information on how to clean a nozzle or prevent clogging.

4. cleaning of the printing platform
The print bed should always be clean and free of grease. Otherwise, the filament material cannot adhere to the print bed.

5. use of adhesion promoters
A variety of mediums can be applied to the print bed to strengthen adhesion.
HERE (link follows) is a listing and more info.

6. Turn off fans for the first layers.
This will help prevent stresses from the cooling process. Almost any slicer program can easily make these settings. Make sure that the fan is actually turned off before you start printing.
7. Reduce the printing speed of the first layer.
It is recommended to keep the print speed relatively low, especially for the first layer. This will anchor the material better to the build platform and create a solid base for the object.
8. Increase the temperature of the printing platform.
Depending on the type of material, you may need to adjust the print bed temperature of the 3D printer.
Temperature ranges and a good starting point for your own temperature testing are provided by most manufacturers. You can find our's HERE.
Over time, you will get a feel for the correct temperature sore on the print object to see if the value is set too high or too low.
9. Activate plate adhesion
Another way to improve adhesion is to create a support structure in a slicer program. Cura allows you to select the support structure (Brim, Raft). This increases the contact area and significantly improves the adhesion of printed objects. These support structures must be removed later.